2015 Solo exhibition Hutt Collective, Nottingham Inspired by the concept of a ‘MacGuffin’, Winsor created a series of visually enticing yet absurd “Things”. The term describes a desired object or motivation device used within a story to drive the plot


2014 Materials Workshop, Late at Tate Tate Britain  

late at tate

2013 Site specific commission for the This is This Award 2013 Wood, Steel, Plastic, Linen, Rope. 4.8m x 4m x 2.4m Chelsea Art School is built on the former site of Millbank Prison. Taking inspiration from the ‘correctional labour’ devices used in the Victorian penal system, I designed an absurd mechanical sculpture that was propelled by ‘prisoners’ winding its mechanism in the courtyard …


Grinding the Wind

2013 Live Performance, Steel, Rubber, Play Dough. Variable Dimensions Art Collector Anita Zabludowicz described this work as ‘An ambitious Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory meets Roxy Paine scenario’.  The piece titled ‘Squeeze, Pinch, Stretch, Role, Dollop and Extrude’ utilised 1 tonne of playdough, that was squashed into various machines that extruded an accumulating pile …


Squeeze, Pinch, Stretch, Roll, Dollop and Extrude

2013 Special Commission for Discovery Channel European Head Quarters in London, UK. Fabric, Wadding, Nylon Stockings, Plastic Balls, Metal Frame. 3m x 3m x 0.4m The Anemone represents the idea of looking into a rock pool. Discovery Channel explores the vast world around us and my inspiration comes from the smaller world found within this; …


Sea Anemone

2014 Performance Installation Ovalhouse Theatre Gallery for The Ovalhouse Award Play Box’ takes its name from one of the biscuit manufacturer Peek Frean’s colourful assortment boxes. The biscuit factory that was located in Bermondsey ceased production in 1989, but comes to life again in the performance that uses a series of ingenious contraptions, based on …



2012 Live Performance Stainless Steel Table, Manual Sausage Machine, Oil, Play Dough. Variable Dimensions

Sausage Machine

2012 Special Commission for Frontier Economics office, London. Steel, Latex, Plastic, Fabric, Spray Paint, Rope. 2.2m x 1.0m x 2.60m        

Executive Balls

2013 Live Performance Artificial Latex Udder, Steel, Milk, Metal Bucket, Wooden Stool. Variable Dimensions

Milky Teats

2013 Recorded Performance Icing Sugar, Fabric, Steel.

Squeeze test

2013 Special Commission for ‘End Of The Road Festival 2013′ in collaboration with Dominique Russell. The marble run was situated in the woods at the festival and was set up so that people exploring the art at the festival were able to activate the marble run themselves. There was a giant funnel up in the trees …


Giant tree top marble run

2012 Card, Velvet, Gold Foil, Fabric, Wire, Latex 2.2m x 2m x 0.4m  

Nipple Tassels

2012 For Picture This Event, Spike Island in Collaboration with Naomi Fitzsimmons Projected Video Installation through glass object. Variable Dimensions